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NEW Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test - Correctional Officer Practice Exam

Two 120 question practice exams have been developed specifically for the Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Tests. If you are preparing for the position of correctional officer, this practice exam will provide you with valuable information about the various cognitive abilities upon which you will be tested and the types of questions that you will encounter on the CJBAT examinations.  There is a 2.5 hours time limit to this practice exam.

These two practice exams will test you on the same cognitive dimensions found on the real CJBAT exam. Upon completion, this exam will provide you with a break down of your score in each of these dimensions. You will be allowed to retake each section allowing you to practice further in areas which your performance was the weakest. If you are still unsatisfied with your performance, it will also allow you to review incorrect response, so that you can better understand your mistakes.

For as little as $14.95, you can take either practice version 1 or practice version 2 of the Florida Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test, which is currently being used throughout the State of Florida. Upon completing one of these practice exams, you will receive a $5.00 discount coupon to reduce the cost of your next I/O Solutions practice exam purchase. Simply return to this website with this coupon to purchase an alternate practice exam, giving you more exam practice at a reduced cost of $9.95.

Purchase CJBAT-CO version 1

Purchase CJBAT-CO version 2

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